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  • Find different styles for men,women and Children
  • Most African Attire Comes from the motherland
  • We have a unique Afrocentric designs from all over Africa made at Pride Munyonyo LGBT Resource Center
  • From Suits to dresses and african accessories you will find something you will love to show off


  • Campaign.

    This campaign is act of resistance and protest against , sexism, ableism, homophobia, racism, hate speech, xenophobia, social justice, taking a stand against oppression and hate, and welcoming people from all backgrounds and communities
  • Donation.

    For a $35 donation, contributors receive any of the kind African Clothe we make on page available in the stores . The African Clothes are available in unisex sizes XS-4XL, shirts and reads
  • Community.

    Community Folks In solidarity Refugees, Immigrants, , Women, Indigenous People, Jewish Communities, Black Lives Matter, People with Disabilities, LGBTQIA Community, All Vulnerable People
  • Purpose of African Clothes made by us.

    To raise awareness and organize community workers who stand against ignorance and hate; to start a dialogue with one another; to build relationships and allies among our colleagues
  • Actions you can take.

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