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Polycultural Psychotherapy & Counselling
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Our Counselling Services

We plan to offer free counselling services at Pride Munyonyo soon! Local counsellors here in Uganda are at risk of imprisonment if they provide supportive services to people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, and/or transgender. For this reason, we are building a team of Volunteer Counsellors outside of Uganda who are willing to provide free counselling services to people coming to Pride Munyonyo through secure videoconferencing, phone, and online chat.
Q: You have mentioned 'LGBT'. Are intersex people welcome to receive counselling services?
An organisation called SIPD sipduganda.org provides services for intersex people in Uganda. Intersex people are welcome to use our counselling services, but we respect that some intersex Ugandans do not wish to be associated with an LGBT organisation. Due to the specific local needs and political situation of intersex Ugandans, we do not refer to our counselling services as 'LGBTI'.

Our Counselling Team

If you are interested in a position as a Volunteer Counsellor with Pride Munyonyo, you can submit an application and arrange an interview via phone or secure videoconferencing. If you are successful, we will add you to our team.

Requirements for our Volunteer Counsellors:

  • Completion of an accredited research or clinical degree at Master or Doctoral level in social work, counselling, psychology, or a related discipline
  • Completion of a Diploma or Bachelor level degree AND current accreditation/licensure in your country in social work, counselling, psychology, or related discipline
  • Some prior experience or training in providing support services to LGBT people
  • Respectful and affirming approach toward LGBT people from Uganda
  • Able to commit to providing Volunteer Counselling for 2 or more hours per month for at least 1 year
  • Agreement to complete our free online training prior to your start
  • Commitment to attending either fortnightly or monthly phone/videoconferencing group supervision and team meetings (depending on how many hours you volunteer)
  • Successful completion of a screening interview
  • Some prior experience or training in trauma, crisis counselling and/or working with people who have survived torture or assault
Volunteer Counselling Team members will receive free online training to understand the basic historical, legal, and cultural aspects of providing counselling services to LGBT people in or near Uganda. Free regular group supervision and ongoing support will be provided to the team. We can accept a limited number of students on professional placements, if they meet the requirements listed above.
If you would like to apply to be part of our international team of Volunteer Counsellors, please contact the Clinical Manager of our Volunteer Counselling Team, Dr Gávi Ansara, at gavi@ansarapsychotherapy.com, to begin the application process.

We meet you where you are.

Struggling with depression or anxiety? Anger issues? Need someone to talk to about your gender identity or a recent trauma? Pride Munyonyo provides mental health services are tailored for your needs.

Our team of counselors, social workers, and psychologists offer individual, couples, family, and group therapies.

To request counseling services, please call +256700630379. A Patient Services Representative will schedule a short 10-15 minute phone interview that fits your schedule – often on the same day as your inquiry.

During the call, a counselor will gather basic information about why you are seeking therapy, and what type of therapist and appointment time would best meet your needs. If we have a therapist that matches your needs, that therapist will contact you to arrange a first appointment. If not, the counselor will reach out to you and offer referrals to other places or counselors that might be a good match.

Survivors of domestic violence should call +256700630379 for immediate assistance.

Those seeking help with substance abuse issues should ask about Pride Munyonyo’s Recovering With Pride program at +256700630379 to find a therapist who specializes in substance abuse.